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Murietta Equestrian Center

Horse Riding LA - - Temecula Valley Horseback Riding - $40 - 1 Hr | $55 - 1 1/2 $70 - 2 Hr Trail Rides - 951-219-9102 or 951-551-4585 or 951-501-9959 - Leases, monthly riding programs, hourly rides, stables, adoption.

Suzy Q Ranch ::
Lori Hudson & Melanie Rubick ::
Patti Roberts Duddette Ranch -
Helton Hay and Feed ::

Temecula Valley Horse Back Riding $40 - 1 Hr $55 - 1 1/2Hr $70 - 2 Hr Trail Rides 951-219-9102 or 951-551-4585 or 951-501-9959 - Going to or from the Temecula Wineries? Stop by and ride with us at the Susie Q Ranch. Go on the best trail rides in the Temecula Valley with a 50 Year Ranch Hand Expert, Cowboy Bill who definitely offers the best trail riding experience in Southern California.

Just a mile or two off the 215 / 15 freeways on Los Alamos is the best chance to ride the trails like they did about a 100 years ago. We are surrounded by county / state / enviromental 50 + acre perserve that has enough trail rides to last all of us for years and years to come.

Cowboy Bill has ridden the trails from Wyoming down to New Mexico, and has had his time on trails of California, Nevada and and ranches across the Southwest. If you have been riding before and just wished you could of .....

CALL US - Melanie Rubick and I are offering this to the Temecula Valley to help Save the Horses. Cowboy Bill makes it worth it for all the Husbands and Fathers out there that did not grow up with a horse and have not had the chance to learn the necessary skills needed to ride in about 5 minutes. Teach your sons and daughters to ride! Reconnect with your wives... Have a Team Building day with your company...

Everything is better on Mary's Place... Listen to that Bruce Springstein Song to get an idea of what we are trying to create. Come over from San Diego, LA, or Orange County and have a blast riding the old west, today, and its only 15-20 minutes from our place to the best wineries in Southern California.

Take my word for it and make the call - All types of horses - 7 days a week - 3 rides a day - Call us about monthly full moon rides, as well as special event rides in Fallbrook 2 People $250.00.
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